Samba: Clients get "system error 1223" (or 123) after a server reboot

Facts: a Linux+Samba server shares anonymously a folder. After a reboot, Win clients could not attach the share drive anymore.

C:\>net use \\mylinux\folder
Enter the user name for 'mylinux':
System error 1223 has occurred.

The operation was canceled by the user.

C:\>net view \\mylinux\
System error 123 has occurred.

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

The process are present, and tcpdump doesn't provide much information. What's going on?
After hours of headscratching, the light came: the firewall was on and no rules for the Samba protocol! Grrr!


Mr said…
A clients computer had this problem.

== What didn't fix this: ==
First I thought it must be all the firewall software he installed - it wasn't. Disabling ALL firewalls didn't fix this. Nor did any other changes to tcp/ip setup help.

== What fixed the problem: ==
It turned out the client had disabled many of the windows services (from ControlPanel>>Admin Tools>>Services). I enabled anything that sounded remotely useful and now everything works. Among the many services I enabled were:
* TCP/IP netbios helper
* indexing service
* dns client
* computer browser
* etc...

Good point! I never really checked Windows services, because I don't really know which are usefull and which aren't. If someone could provide the list of the needed services for Samba.

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