The 2044 Is Back

Long time ago, the SSM 2044 4-Pole Voltage Controlled Filter was everywhere. The chip was designed by Dave Rossum (E-MU).
Its characteristic sound could be heard from different synths: Crumar Bit 01, most EMU products, Korg Mono/Poly, Polysix and Trident (Mk I and Mk II), Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 (used by Eurythmics), PPG Wave (used by Tangerine Dream) and many others.

However, Solid State Micro Technology for Music is long ago gone, and SSM 2044 are now rare to find - mostly from dismantled synths - and, of course, expensive.

Hopefully, Dan Parks, a former SSM employee, has decided to recreate the legendary filter with his company, Sound Semiconductor.
The new filter is named SSI2144, and the datasheet is here:


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