Emulation of Fujitsu MB8877 Floppy Disk Controler with Arduino


I have a Yamaha QX1 MIDI sequencer from 1984.
The backup medium is 5"1/4 floppy disks.
I want to replace the floppy drive (Canon MF-221) and the Floppy Disk Controler (Fujitsu MB8877a) with an Arduino.

The project


The Fujitsu MB8877 is a second source for Western Digital FD1793.
(white pins are not connected on the QX1 DM board)

 On the QX1:

Pin Name Function Driven by Description
37 /DDEN Double Density QX1 Permanently ↓ as we only use Double Density disks (256 bytes/sector)
3 /CS Chip Select QX1 Permanently ↓ (always selected)
24 CLK Clock QX1 Times the FDC logic; we don't use this signal to clock the Arduino. However, the clock starts only ~5.4 msec after powering up the QX1; before that, all signals are garbage.
19 /MR Master Reset QX1 Used during boot. MR ↓ ~4.6 msec after power up (the main CPU Hitachi HD68B09 only needs 110 nsec @ 8 MHz to boot).
7 to 14 DAL0-7 Data bus both This bus is shared by several ICs on the board:
  • IC27: Fujitsu MB8877, the floppy disk controller
  • IC8: Yamaha YM5208, an ASIC named PMAC (seems to be a DMA)
  • IC31: Yamaha YM5213, an ASIC named PIT (interface with PN board: display, keyboard, ...)
  • IC26: Yamaha YM5212, an ASIC named MASTER (UART and MIDI interface)
  • IC7: a buffer (74LS245) to the main CPU
  • IC17: a buffer (74LS244) to the RAM
  • IC23, 24 and 25: the ROMs
5 A0 Address 0 QX1 Selects register (cf table below)
6 A1 Address 1 QX1
2 /WE Write Enable QX1 selects function (cf table below)
4 /RE Read Enable QX1
39 IRQ Interrupt Request FDC Goes ↑ to warn the QX1 the previous command is completed
38 DRQ Data Request FDC Goes ↑ to warn the QX1 data is available (read) or is required (write) on DAL0-7.
17(*) Early FDC Pre-compensation signals. These signals are used to shift the timing of data to be written on the disk. 0=No pre-comp, 1=Pre-comp.
18(*) Late FDC
29(*) TG43 Track > 43 FDC Warns the CPU on head position. 0=head on track 0 to 43, 1=head on track 44 to 76.
31(*) WD Write Data FDC Data to be written on the disk drive
(*) These signals are normally used to drive the Disk Drive. However, on the QX1, they are captured by IC8 (PMAC).  My guess is PMAC is also in charge of the precise timing for pre-comp.

The protocol

The protocol between the MPU and the FDC is driven by the MPU. It basically consists for the MPU to read or post data in the FDC's registers. To do so, the MPU controls 5 pins: /CS (to select the FDC), /RE and /WE (to select read or write), A1 and A0 (to select the register).
As mentioned earlier, /CS is grounded: the chip is always selected.
Thus, the control is ensured by 4 pins, summarized in this table:

/CS A1 A0 /RE /WE
0 0 0 0 1
MPU wants to read Status Register
0 0 1 0 1
MPU wants to read Track Register
0 1 0 0 1
MPU wants to read Sector Register
0 1 1 0 1
MPU wants to read Data Register
0 0 0 1 0
MPU wants to write into Command Register
0 0 1 1 0
MPU wants to write into Track Register
0 1 0 1 0 MPU wants to write into Sector Register
0 1 1 1 0
MPU wants to write into Data Register
0 - - 0 0
Not specified in the datasheet: see below
The situation where both /WE (MPU want to read a register) and /RE (MPU wants to post to a register) are low simultaneously is not specified in the datasheet, and doesn't make sense. However, I measured a lot of cases where both /WE and /RE are down.


The schematic can be found here: Project schematic (PDF) 

Some explanations

U1 (74LS245): buffer with DAL0-7

U3 (74LS244): buffer from the keyboard and the command pins (A0, A1, /RE and /WE)

U3 (74LS244): buffer to the LCD

U7 (74HC125): voltage adaptor (5V -> 3.3V) for the SD card and reverse voltage for the keyboard.

U4A (74LS139): this component manage the 8 bit bus (port D on the Arduino) by enabling/disabling the buffers U1, U3 and U6. U4A is managed via port C with the following table:
C3 C2 C1 C0 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 Sens Description
1 - - - - - - - - - - - - High Z
0 - 1 1 DB7 DB6 DB5 DB4 - R/W E - Output LCD
0 - 1 0 << < > >> - - - - Input Keyboard
0 - 0 1 - - A1 A0 /WE /RE - - Input Command
0 0 0 0 DAL7 DAL6 DAL5 DAL4 DAL3 DAL2 DAL1 DAL0 Input Data
0 1 0 0 DAL7 DAL6 DAL5 DAL4 DAL3 DAL2 DAL1 DAL0 Output Data

The QX1 - timings

All the timings below are measured with a Saleae Logic 8 Analyzer at 12 Ms/Sec.

Bootup sequence

Here are the chronograms (timing) of the QX1 bootup sequence.

Problem with /RE and /WE

On the MB8877 datasheet, no information if both are low. However, I found many situation where /RE and /WE are both down.

Examples where /RE and /WE are both low, an undefined situation.

Timing for the read operation

The timing for a read operation (the MPU wants to read a register of the FDC) is the following:


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